• Image of Bella Slimming combo Mommy Tummy Package
  • Image of Bella Slimming combo Mommy Tummy Package

Bella Fat cellulite & stretch mark removal
Get rid of Cellulite with this Trio! Bella's Seaweed Gold cold Gel and the Coffee
Cellulite hot gel. Use with the cellulite Massage tool daily to rid unwanted cellulite and tone and firm skin! Comes with free wrap one for waist one for leg/arm!

Hot slimming Gel:

Try this slimming gel,Say Bye-bye to fat!


-It is derived from a most unique formula, helps burning fats,

accelerates the metabolism and slimming.

-Effectively minimizing the appearance of slackened skin due

to water retention, tiredness and weight gain, weight loss and aging.


-It is easily absorb to the skin and burn the fats and tone the unwanted fats.

-Slimming gel contains natural red chili oil, which are good for slimming effect.

-It promotes lymphatic circulation and fat burning while smoothing the skin and rids


-Easily absorbed gel, leaving skin feeling warm and soft.

How to use it

1.After bath or shower,squeeze a small amount in your palm.

2.Massage from the bottom up into the target areas that you want to slim down.

You'll feel hot after 15 minutes.

3.Do not have to wash it off.

4.Apply day & night and two weeks for the best result.

5.Rinse your hands after applying the gel.

Applicable people: to lose weight

Hot slimming Gel Chili: Red Pepper, Natural Bee Glue, Ginger Extract, Seaweed Essence, Carbopol, tea.
Coffee Cellulite Creme: Coffee, Natural chili oil, essence of seaweeds, ivies, carbopol

Usage: Every morning and evening, dime size amount of the product, with finger message 50 times clockwise, then counterclockwise rotation at 50, until the product is completely absorbed by the skin tissue. If you think the hot is not too strong for you, you may wrap with it.

Hot slimming gel Tips:

-If the burning sensation is too strong. Wash it off with COLD water immediately.

you may wrap with it.

-Close tightly the bottle, reserve in a cool, dry place.


Gel Color: Clear

Type: Body slimming gel

Fit for: All types of skin

Shelf life: 3 Years

Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Coffee Cellulite Creme

Seaweed Gold Cold gel:
Short description: Massaging gel that generates a cold sensation where applied, helping tone skin.
Indicated for: People who exercise, have a healthy diet, and want to reduce flabbiness.
Seaweed Gold Cold gel Ingredients: Asiatic centella, seaweed, menthol, and camphor.
Correct use: Apply with circular motions on the abdomen, legs, buttocks or any desired body area until the complete absorption of the product. Rinsing is not required. Day/morning use is recommended.
Action: The Asiatic centella stimulates the amino acid attachment to collagen fibers, improving the elasticity, firmness and resistance of the skin. The seaweed tonic the skin. The menthol and camphor produce a cold sensation which tones the skin and removes stretch marks.

Coffee Cellulite Hot gel:
Stop dreaming and start believing in a beautiful body shape with this slim gel! Lose some inches and improve skin texture with this warm stomach fat burner cream!

This green tea seaweed gel with caffeine has natural fat remover properties that help you turning into a smaller size, improves skin flaccidity, helps to have visibly cellulite reduction and decreases deposits of fat.

Ideal to complement your workout routine and your diet, this caffeine body scrub slimming gel will also help you to get rid of your butt cellulite and if you use a girdle at the same time, it will help you to lose belly fat without too much effort.

With this stomach fat burner gel your skin and body will look so much better with this coffee body scrub fat burning gel. Apply it every day and you’ll see changes sooner than you think!

Coffee Cellulite Hot gel Ingredients: Green tea extract, seaweed, caffeine and artichoke.
Correct use: Apply with circular motions on the abdomen, legs,
buttocks or any desired body area until the complete absorption
of the product. Rinsing is not required. Night use is recommended.