• Image of You Deserve it! Detox Package by Bella

This package includes (1) Detox Tea, (1) Vagi-Steam pack (1) Foot Detox Package (5 pairs), (1) Seaweed Bath.

Detox tea rids toxins in your body and rids the stubborn fat that is stuck to those toxins. Mixed with a chai Tea for a sweat taste.
Vagi-Steam is an all natural organic vaginal steam done at home. Boil 1 tablespoon of herbs until you smell the herbs remove pot from stove top. Pour the water and herbs into a bowl that is placed into the toilet. wave hand over toilet. Once it is not too hot sit and steam with a robe and socks on ensuring your neck and feet are covered for 15 minutes.
Foot Detox adheres to the bottom of your foot and detoxes your body of unwanted toxins.
Seaweed bath detoxes your skin. Enjoy the detoxing and rejuvenating effects of Seaweed Bath Therapy while it helps balance body chemistry. Rehydrates and helps with skin elasticity and the appearance of skin tone, and color.