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Bella Cream is designed to increase your breast or butt wherever it is applied too. Bella cream increases your breast up to 3 cup sizes and your butt up to 11%. Bella Cream is guaranteed to work after one full course. One full course is 6 months of consistent use twice daily. Use generously after a warm shower after pours are open. Rub in in a circular motion until completely dissolved into skin. Pictures speak a 1000 words. Take a before picture when you receive your item and an after at 6 months. Results are seen at or around 8-10 weeks.

Bella's Butt Enhancement cream and pills and Bella's Breast Enhancement are also guaranteed to work. Bella's butt enhancement cream is clinically tested and proven to increases your butt up to 22%. Bella's butt enhancement pills work differently and direct your body to store fat in your butt, hips, and thighs. 

Bella's breast enhancement has been clinically tested and proven to increase your breasts 22% also. The guarantee is also after one full application. One full application consists of  a full 6 months treatment. Applied or ingested once a day. Results are seen at or around 8-10 weeks.


Bella's enhancement products are stronger then Bella cream as Bella's enhancement products are made specific to breast or butt. With specific active ingredients.

Bella cream is for breast and butt and comes in a 30 day supply for $25 while Bella products come in a 60 day supply for $50. Same price but bottled differently. 

Both take time and consistency both are a gradual change and not a dramatic change. dramatic changes are seen almost instantly while gradual are a more natural change.