Q:   What is the difference between Bella cream & Bella's Butt enhancement cream?

A:   Bella cream is sold in a 30 day supply and can be used on breast or butt. The Bella Butt Enhancement is sold in a 60 day supply and is specifically made for your butt! Bella butt is slightly stronger and contains 100% all natural ingredients.

Q:   From Bella's Butt enhancements what is better: the pills or the cream? 

A:   Both used together for max results. 

Q:   What is the best trainers to use?

A:    Depends on how you want to use it...

Work out: 

 Most comfortable would be the zip & clip latex trainer or the Bonita latex trainer.

overall coverage a latex vest or the linda latex. minimizes the back bulge!

To strictly Waist train:

Bella Rosa 24 steel bone trainer

For overall coverage use the Bella Rosa vest to prevent the back fat bulge.

***You do not have to worry about the back fat bulge it will not train your fat to bulge out!

Q:    How to Waist train?

A:    Daily for 6-8 hrs a day for 6-8 weeks for an hour glass shape, 1-3 inches off your waist, and permanent results.

Q:   Should I use a butt lifter with my Enhancement cream?

A:   The lifter lifts and shapes your butt permanently while the enhancements enhance your butt. If you want a more round lifter butt with a cuff then YES buy the butt lifter.

Q:    How do you use the butt lifter?

A:   while you can use your lifter for instant results the goal is to train in your lifter for 6-8 hrs a day for 6-8 weeks for permanent results!!

Q:   Are trainers used for a quick fix under my dress?

A:   Not technically. Shape wear is used as a shaper under your garments while waist trainers are used to train to an hour glass shape permanently.