Rounder, firmer and fuller breasts

Clinically proven safe and effective

All natural ingredients with no adverse side effects

Hormone & paraben free


 Macelignan, macadamia nut oil, maca root, saw palmetto berries, Grape seed oil, fish oil, sweet almond oil, coconut fractionated oil, soy lecithin, Aloe leaf juice, vitamin E, Pueraria, Base

The Science Behind  Bodied Bella Butt enhancements:


Organic All natural ingredients act on the molecular processes of tissue in your  butt to increase the production of new cells, it stimulates adipogenesis; the formation of fatty cells.


The ingredients, contains a receptor, a key regulator in the development of adipose cells. In vivo and vitro studies show that adipose cells cannot be created without them.


Bella Butt is a powerful formation capable of stimulating the  creation  of new adipose cells and increasing buttocks volume.


Bella Butt is natural , safe, and  effective with clinically proven results.

Bella Butt is an All Natural butt enhancement cream proven to enlarge, firm, & lift your butt. Feel & look more confident then ever naturally without expensive surgeries or risky implants. Bella Butt’s active ingredients are clinically proven to safely & effectively increase the size and count of fatty cells in the butt. Studies show an increase in butt size of up to 20%


Clinical Study

In both vivo & vitro tests, Bella Butt has been proven to increase the density of adipose tissue, causing a significant and noticeable volumizing effect.


It increases accumulated lipids by 24%

It raises the fat molecules by 625%

Ingredients contained in Bella's Butt Enhancment Pills:

% Daily Value 650**mg
Aguaje, Maca root Extract, Saw Palmetto berry Extract, Wild Yam root Extract, Donq Quai Extract
,L-Tyrosine, Chasteberry Extract, Fenugreek seed Extract, False Unicorn root, Soy Isoflavones, Gelatin
Contains: Soy

The pills are taken once daily. The ingredients were hand picked, researched and clinically trailed. The Butt enhnacamnet pills direct your body to store fat in your butt hips and thighs.

All ingredients are all natural ingredients contained in Bella's Butt enhancement products. It is a gradual natural change not an overnight drastic one. Others will notice a change before you. You will start to notice a change at or around 60 days of use. One full treatment is 6 months of use. All results are permanent results.